See HR like
never before.

seeHR is an easy to use Human Resources software platform
to organise and log your employee data, which is combined with a
powerful analytic capability that helps you retain your employees for longer.

Give your HR Department the
power of advanced analytics.

At seeHR, it is our mission to let you see your employees in a new way.

seeHR is an easy-to-use platform to organise and log your employee data, combined with a powerful analytic capability
to let you learn about your employees, and take care of them for longer.

This allows you to make small HR decisions today, and large strategic decisions about your workforce tomorrow.

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Utilise one platform for all your employees’ documents and data that matters, in the knowledge your information is secure and accessible to those who need it.
Managing holiday requests, sicknesses, documents and performance reviews effortlessly in one HR system that’s easy to use for HR staff, managers and employees alike.
As your organisation grows, seeHR’s powerful capabilities grow with you. Utilising advanced statistical analytics and mathematical modelling, we can identify employees who are at risk of leaving your organisation. This insight can allow you to put processes in place to aid employee retention, improving motivation and saving recruitment and training costs of replacements.
Our Mission.
We want to provide every company with a way to centralise all their HR management tasks & data in one easy to use system, that is also powerful enough to inform HR strategy simultaneously.

Our advanced statistical analysis and mathematical modelling integrated into seeHR’s interface helps companies to identify employees at risk of leaving the organisation, and the factors driving this.

We want to make seeHR more than just an HR software solution – but a strategic HR solution.
seeHR can help you intervene with staff retention issues by informing you of factors contributing to employee turnover, allowing you to make strategic decisions that could save you thousands in replacement costs.
Together with seeHR, you can utilise your data to make business improvements that will increase your employee satisfaction and drive productivity.

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employee turnover and save your organisation money?

seeHR is a division of Eyecademy, a UK data services and analytics practice.