Administration Store

See and Organise Your Employee Documents.

With seeHR, both Managers and Administrators are able to access Employee documents quickly and easily, in one easy-to-manage online system. Administrators within HR manually assign system Managers, who can only view the documents for the Employee’s they directly manage, ensuring documents are only visible to those who are assigned access.

Employee Self-Service.

Using seeHR’s easy-to-use interface, Employees can update their own personal details when they change, so you can be confident all your records are correct and up to date. Employees are only able to view basic details about themselves, such as Address, Phone Numbers and Emergency Contact Details.

With Employee self-service, you can say goodbye to lengthy forms and processes to update personal details. Both Managers and HR Administrators can trust that if updated details are ever needed, seeHR will store all the information you need.

Easily Log Incidents or Praise.

Sometimes within the day-to-day running of your business you may want to note down comments about a particular Employee. It might be a compliment about helpfulness from another team member, a customer calling in to praise the service they received, or a notification that a form an Employee has completed has been approved. Sometimes, it may be a complaint raised or details of a grievance.
Within the Logs tab of seeHR, any comments can be easily logged and organised within the system by Administrators or Managers. Employees only see their own logs, and Managers can only see or add to the logs tab of their own Employees.
Logs are a great way to let Employees know they’re doing a great job, or advise them on how to improve next time in between performance reviews. As they are timestamped and organised by Employee, it is easy to see if an issue has been followed up on, or for new managers to pick up where their predecessor left off, meaning you can spend less time on administraton and more time on Employee development.

Performance Reviews Made Simple.

A centralised administrative store can not only improve organisation, but can also make creating and managing development plans much easier.

With all your performance reviews stored in one place, it is easy to find previously completed reviews to analyse where improvements have been made, and where development plans need a little more work. Instead of storing reviews on local computers or in filing cabinets, which are easy to misplace, a central store can aid the continual development of Employees and Managers seamlessly.

Want to Experience Improved HR Administration and Organisation?