Holiday & Absence

See Your Time Off.

On login, all users of seeHR are presented with a Home Dashboard, where you can quickly see how much time off you’ve taken.
If you manage other users, you can quickly see who is coming and going in your department.

Employee Self-Service.

Using seeHR’s easy to use interface, Employees request holidays and notify sicknesses and absences online from anywhere. An email is generated automatically to their designated line manager in the system, notifying them of the request or absence.

If it is a holiday request is logged, it is approved or rejected, with the Employee notified of the decision automatically through email.

Employee self-service helps reduce human error with dates input by the Employee, and reduces time spent on HR administration with an automated, online process.

Easy Absence Reporting.

As a Manager or an Administrator of your seeHR system, you can view a clear report that breaks down your Employees’ absences or holidays. You can easily search for a specific employee to view their absences in more detail.

Additionally, the Employee Dashboard uses the information stored from inputting holidays, sicknesses and absences to generate further insights. The summary on the left uses predictive analytics and factors from your organisation to suggest who may be at high risk of leaving your organisation; with red being most at risk and green least at risk.

A Bradford Factor is also calculated for each employee, which is a measure of worker absenteeism with more weight given to shorter, unplanned absences. The Bradford Factor calculation helps guide your strategic HR direction, as it assumes these short, frequent, unplanned absences are more disruptive to business operations than longer, planned absences. The higher the score for an Employee, the more action is recommended to take to reduce disruption and improve productivity.

Employee Summaries at a Glance.

For deeper Employee insights for Managers and Administrators, seeHR uses a visual calendar layout to help you see the spread of holidays and absences across time.

Line Managers are able to view pending requests, and approve or decline requests as necessary to fit the demands of the business, with the Employee is notified automatically of the decision through email. If anything changes, Managers can go back into previously approved or declined and requests to change the outcome, with an email automatically sent to the employee to notify them of the change.

seeHR enables Managers and HR Administrators to easily, quickly and simply manage Holiday & Absences Requests while increasing transparency, decreasing the possibility of human error and reducing time spent on administrative processes.

Want to Experience Simpler Absence Management Yourself?