Human Resources

See Information About Your Workforce.

SeeHR uses data input about your employees to automatically generate full reports exploring your workforce’s characteristics.
Say goodbye to spreadsheets and time gathering data; with seeHR’s reporting capability, HR departments are free to spend more time strategically analysing your organisation and implementing policies.

Full HR Reports About Your Workforce. 

The more you use seeHR to manage Holidays, Sicknesses, Absences and Administration, the more powerful seeHR becomes.
The descriptive data input about your workforce such as salary, contract type and turnover is visually displayed within a compact HR Dashboard which informs Administrators & Managers about factors such as:

  • Average Salary
  • Turnover Rate
  • Average Age of Employees
  • Employment Type, broken down by Contract
  • Headcount, including employees joining and leaving the company
  • Gender

Managers are only able to see information about the Employees that they Manage, and only the descriptive data they can view in other tabs is analysed in the report. To guarantee security, Employees cannot see any analytics about themselves or other team members.

At seeHR, we want to allow HR departments to spend more time analysing data and implementing strategic HR, with less time spent on administration. Viewing key metrics about your organisation is key to understanding where improvements can be made to retain employees for longer, make important hiring decisions, increase diversity, and improve development and resource management.

Absence Reporting and Management.

In addition to providing information on your organisation’s employees as a whole, seeHR also provides filterable Absence Reports, categorised by data and type of absence.

Looking to report on holidays taken over the last financial quarter, or to see if sicknesses increase closer to the end of the year? It is easy within seeHR to filter by date to view exactly which absence occured when, making reporting to Managers simple, fast and effective.

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