See Your Professional Development.

Performance Reviews are a key aspect of professional development for both Managers and Employees, however sometimes they can be hard to schedule and difficult to analyse year-to-year. With seeHR, Managers and Employees can complete or read their reviews online at any time, preparing for discussions that drive improvement and development.

In-Depth Performance Reviews.

seeHR utilises a structured performance review, including a wide variety of academically-researched areas that best analyse each aspect of job performance, such as:

  • Strategic & Critical Thinking
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Culture & Values
  • Productivity
  • Job Knowledge
  • Quality & Dependability
  • Teamwork & Leadership.

Employees are asked to rate their performance and give evidence where they have demonstrated the required skill, which can then be easily compared with reviews written in seeHR by Managers.

Easily Review Performance Over Time.

As a Manager, great organisation is key to aiding the development and improvement of the Employees you manage.

seeHR can help your own organisation by storing performance reviews written by Employees automatically in a searchable database. Centralised storage aids comparative reviewing both currently between Managers and Employees, and against historical reviews.

seeHR gives you a useful overview at a glance of which employees have been on time submitting reviews, who is still to submit, and which Employees you have not written your managerial evaluation for. No more searching through emails or misplacing reviews; now you can spend more time developing your workforce.

Want to Experience Improved Performance Reviews?