See Predictions About Your Employees.

At seeHR, we want every HR department to be empowered to make decisions about their workforce.
With seeHR’s predictive analytic capabilities, you are able to learn more about your employees instantly, which allows you to make more informed, strategic, decisions to reduce employee turnover and increase employee satisfaction.

People Analytics at Your Fingertips.

Using advanced statistical analysis and integrated mathematical modelling, seeHR is able to analyse trends within your workforce and predict who is likely to leave your organisation next.

Analysing the characteristics of employees leaving your organisation, seeHR is able to identify which factors are likely to significantly impact on your organisation’s attrition. Managers are also able to see analytics for the Employees they directly manage.

By using data science to identify influencers of turnover, HR departments and Managers can look to strategise, and implement policies that address issues that contribute to turnover. With research now indicating that replacing a key member of staff can cost businesses as much as twice their annual salary in recruitment, retraining and reduced productivity, insight is the first step to delivering significant cost savings for HR.

For more information on our utilisation of data science, please download our whitepaper.

Probability Made Simple.

In addition to the Analytics Overview Dashboard, Administrators are able to further view a breakdown of Leave Probability related to Job Role, Department, Employment Type, Location and Age.

Drilling down into your HR data using these dimensions can answer a multitude of questions.
Do you want to find out if there’s a particular Job Role that may need more variety or rotation to reduce turnover? Has turnover been high recently in a particular Department with a changing management structure? Is commute distance affecting the likelihood of employees to leave? Is there a particular age range that could benefit from more training or engagement?
SeeHR’s Probability Dashboards allow you to visually pinpoint if there is a particular group of people who could benefit from improvements to their Job or Department, providing HR departments with guidance for areas to enhance culture, satisfaction and motivation.

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